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Comment: Unfortunately, I believe you are right "justinb".

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Unfortunately, I believe you are right "justinb".

obama (notice I didn't use a Capital "C" or, refer to him as "President" and that's because, he is NOT my President nor is he anyone here in the great U.S.A.s President) has no intention of letting any of his bills get stopped and I believe this one is one of them. The American Citizens that are awake are preparing just in-case as they should because, a 2nd American Revolution could be here very soon if obama pushes these outrages and unconstitutional bills on the American people.
obama is an oath-Breaker and should be impeached and tried for Treason.

Without our 2nd Amendment, the others will fall and be worthless and obama knows it and that's why he is pushing this so hard. He pushing hard to help enact a NWO for his puppet masters and in-order to get it going, they need to disarm the American Citizens. "We the People" must fight to the Death to stop this because, the alternative will be death to most and the ones that do survive will be slaves.