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Social Security is not bankrupt. It is solvent until about 2035. And they can easily, easily make it fully solvant by just lifting the 110,000 cap.

But you totally do not understand American society. Just because you are doing well, does not mean that most Americans are. The costs on Americans today is staggering, and personal debt has never been higher because people cannot make ends meet.

We do not have to attack the poor, and the working-class. This is a false choice, and it is not the answer. We can cut Trillions of Dollars from Warfare and Corporate Welfare, and that is where the focus needs to be. This is also the place where Ron Paul focuses.

And yes, people like me have paid into Social Security and it is indeed an earned benefit.

It's the corrupt Wall Street Elites that want Social Security to go away, so why are you on their side?. If you any integrity, you be attacking the Wall Street rape of our wealth, and the corrupt War Establishment, and not be attacking poor people.