Comment: It is not just kids.

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It is not just kids.

I started taking medical histories, mostly of senior citizens, in the 1980's. Most were healthy as a horse and on few or no medications. Then a few started showing up on antidepressants, something they would sheepishly confess, a little embarrassed about being "mentally ill." Over the years, more and more and more, and people getting to be PROUD of their diagnosis... "It was hard, but I have accepted that it is just the way I am" and more and more and more senility. It was obvious enough that I used to talk about it with the doctors - "Man, everybody is on these anti-depressants now" in one sentence and "Man, old people just don't hold up as well as they used to" in another sentence, never able to break the cognitive barrier that would allow us to connect those two observations. Well, I did, after I was no longer working.
They want us all diagnosed, and "treated" by "learning to accept" our "diabilities" and by committing to being lifelong Rx drug addicts.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.