Comment: "Though at times stateless, radical Islam is also supported by

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"Though at times stateless, radical Islam is also supported by

Hey, maybe Rand should read the DP

Iran has not started a war since 1826.

"Islam" did not get "radical" until we sent the CIA in to teach them how, and Iran was an advanced, secular society until we overthrew their government. They actually recovered, and are once again a technologically advanced, PEACE LOVING nation.

On the other hand, Israel has been waging war since they were founded:

Rand says "I am not a neocon, and I am not an isolationist." I agree. He is just a Bible-thumping Zio-Christian who just HATES war unless it is for Jesus who wants him to murder for Israel.

Done, done, done. War mongering politicians DISGUST me. I feel terribly sorry for Ron Paul, if he is not ashamed of Rand he is blinded by love.

The creed of modern politics:
Ask me any questions, I'll tell you no truth.

When "radical Islam" attacks US SOIL, then it is time to wage war to DEFEND our nation. Rand's willingness to go TO THEIR SOVEREIGN NATIONS and try to make them Israel-approved is DESPICABLE.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.