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Rand Paul is ambitious

Ralph has been accused of the same things he's accusing Rand, arrogant, unreachable, and a liar.

Yes, I can believe that Rand is not going to answer to Nader or anyone about what his family is doing, or what's going on in the GOP. Lst thing Rand, who is admittedly ambitious, is to have Nader repeat something as if Nader is a confident.

Working with Nader, let me tell you, his family protects him, and everything he does is in the wide open with the public.. there are no one on one.. if the roles were reversed Nader could have done the same thing.

Nader also says "Rand Paul restrained him. I don’t know how much was voluntary by Ron Paul. But he didn’t make a big fuss at the Convention because of Rand Paul."

I highly doubt Rand Paul restrained Ron. Nader does not know how much was voluntary by Ron.. I'd say ALL OF IT, because Ron Paul set a foundation FOR RAND.. Rand is going where Ron would not. I'm not the only one here who sees this. I'm by far not the only person here who understands Ron Paul gave us the foundation, and Rand Paul is who is putting it to work in the GOP.

Why didn't Ron Paul leave the GOP? For Rand. Do you think Rand controls Ron? I don't. I think this is a family that has done it's homework and is making it's move to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

Finally, everything I experienced as a Ron Paul RepubliCAN has been a cake walk by comparison to the living hell I went through, and witnessed on others, working for Indy and third party ballot access, and open debates, under Nader.