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All of a sudden?

I worked on Nader's campaigns for three elections.

All we ever won were mulitble law suits in multible states, that each election became harder and harder to achieve and more and more brutal. Now back then, we could establish a find to bail each other out of jail for bogus arrests.. now the terrorism laws prevent that.

I came to conclusion, that what we were actually doing, was giving the major party's and their supporters that had government jobs, the opportunity to do exactly what we were working so hard to achieve.. open debates and ballot access.

It was as if with every election. they get better and better at closing us down and preventing us from getting Nader on the ballot.

Like Ron Paul, Nader is a messanger, and he has his supporters EXERCIZE democracy be getting involved with campaigns that go nowhere.. in Nader's case, multible law suits in multible states, that not only bannkrupted us, but we lost every law suit, but one BS, meaningless suit, the judge laughed at us.

So I think Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are VERY SIMULAR, actually have the same message, but the difference is Ron Paul stuck in the GOP because of Rand.

And I am learning from Rand. so if others, like perhaos you, choose to judge him and bash him, I don't take it personally. Bash away. You aren't learning anything. I am and I love learning.. and I love to see how the GOP is changing because of Rand.