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If you have a few mins and you're up for it

I wanted to wait until this thread cooled down a bit before I jumped in, but I have these thoughts for you. This is in response to a lot of your comments not just the one I’m replying to. Don't read any of it with offense, read it as an attempt at a genuine conversation.

You: “People like me, taking Ron's advice and joining his party, ARE THE REAL MOVEMENT.”

I understand that was probably said in the heat of the moment, but just in case it wasn’t…..Don’t cut me out of the movement. There are people here I avoid and exit threads when I see them enter because they have tried to tell me I am not welcome in their little movement. Don’t be one of them (not that you would ever be the reason I exit a thread). I am an asset, and I am not going anywhere.

You: “Rand Paul is the best you've got and you should try to understand that Rand must appeal to a broad base.”
Is he better than Hillary? Sure, most people are. Other than that…. He’s not the best we have. We have Amash (who probably won’t run, but we still have him). We have the judge. We also have 3 yrs to find the best, so why do you feel the need to commit now? Hell, I am considering running because ya’ll might have to fight Hillary with another chick, and let’s face it; I would be an awesome President. Really though, do you really think you have to commit now?

Again, I know you did not lodge that at me and it might have been in the heat of the moment, but is it really extreme to want the best and only the best? I get called an extremist everyday by my socialist economics professors on campus, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way because I know what they are really trying to say to me is “back down” and what I am saying is; “I will do no such thing.” Is it extremism to believe in something so much you simply can’t fathom budging an inch to compromise? Call it what you will but, well… it’s not insulting to want the best or to firmly stand by your beliefs.

You: “However, Ron Paul told me to join it and change it.”
I have told you before how I think it is great you are doing the first part, but…. What about CHANGING it? Is simply accepting Rand because that is who they shove at you changing anything? Let’s change it. I mean really change it. You and I are young, we can do whatever the hell we want we just have to be willing to work our asses off for it.

Which brings me to my next point.
You: “I'm a 21 year old kid waking into GOP meetings with men and women twice and trice my age. I'm here to tell you that people don't like being lectured by a kid like me.”

I hear ya. That’s why I stick to the young people. People around here think the liberals are hard to reach, but they don’t have anything on the older more neocon types… those bastards can be stubborn. So….. yeah… I get it. But I still say; let’s really change it.

You: “Choose one: Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul.”

First of all; Santorum can kiss my ass. Now that that’s out of my system… why? Why, do I have to choose between these jerkoffs, let’s throw some other people in the mix, why can’t we?
You: “The good news is we can win this time, Rand Paul has a real chance. The GOP likes Rand Paul!”
I don’t like the GOP though… and the GOP liked Mitt Romney… Are we really winning with Rand or are we just letting the GOP dictate the course?

You: “If it's really all some rich guys planning together and you really know so much about them then why don't you give me some addresses and we can take care of this NWO problem real fast.”

I don’t know if you were joking here or what…. But you do know you can’t just call up the NWO and crash their dinner party right? Believe me, my Dad’s been trying for years, they are elusive. Just sayin….

Anyways, I know I gave you a lot to respond to… so whenever you have a few, or maybe you’re done with this thread which I could understand.