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Apparently you don't know

Apparently you don't know what a sucker punch is. A sucker punch is punching someone when they aren't gearing for a fight. The report may have been a nuisance, but he wasn't there for a display of physical dominance or a physical altercation of any sort. He was being a pain in the ass and following the man into the building, and WHAMO, the man turned around and jacked him in the face. That is a sucker punch.

Don't tell me about property rights; I defend them whole-heartedly. I didn't say the old man needs to go to jail for what he did. I said it was a neanderthal display. It was unnecessary. It was an exhibition of violence for the purpose of stress-relief... not for self-defense. Thus, it is bogus.

Go ahead and defend unnecessary violence all you want. It's your life.