Comment: the way i understand ron Paul

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the way i understand ron Paul

when he says,the younger generation will take over
and be the RNC,the fed gov,the state gov,the city councils
it is a long term plan,one built for the future
the older ones will not see it,but are a part of it
some older ones are just too stubborn to change,nor want to
RP had standing room only in every venture and speaking engagement
he spoke at,most there were college aged kids
this is the future of not only american politics,but also for the world
RP has a vision of change,real true change,but it starts in the hearts
and in the minds,and it grows,and cannot be stopped
you younger ones carry the torch of liberty for all to see and feel
and are setting brush fires in the hearts and minds of everyone
around them
i had a saying when i was a teacher in church "when you get the lambs to follow,the sheep will follow them
what i meant was teach the younger ones and the grown ups will follow them
as long as i have your ear,how about DP cookbooks? i have read all kinds of recipes here,with real food :)
hope i helped

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence