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jumping in

I didn't like the GOP because all I knew about the GOP was what everyone else told me about the GOP, or what I read and heard about the GOP. I stayed as far away from the GOP as possible.

It made me physically ill to join the GOP, but I really wanted to be a Ron Paul delegate.. and I was very afraid to go to a committee meeting. I had never heard of them.

There were two people.

There was supposed to be 24. So where was everybody? Where was this GOP I was so sick and afraid of?

So, all I'm going to say is this.. The GOP is what YOU make it. I have made mine a LIBERTY GOP, and I have way more fun on my GOP than on DP. We talk about the same stuff on my committee as we talk about here, and I don't have to bring it up, they do. It's open to the public.. all ages are welcome..

All I'm saying is to go see for yourself. I'm glad I did. If you want TRUTH, go and see for yourself what your GOP is, and THEN decide if the GOP is for you. Could be it's won't be, but at least you will have YOUR reasons and not someone's elses.

Peace and Love!