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"some older ones are just too

"some older ones are just too stubborn to change,nor want to"

I agree with you there. The older more neocon type people really frustrate me and sometimes intimidate me.

"RP had standing room only in every venture and speaking engagement
he spoke at, most there were college aged kids"

I know! Isn't great? I helped spread word on MSU's campus when he visited there, it was amazing to see the crowd that showed up. But those students... they are never going to accept Rand, so the GOP is going to have to evolve (despite the scary grumpy old neocon types lol)

Omg Deacon... you say some of the smartest stuff.... a DP Cookbook. That is amazing. After I respond to Granger I am going to go find Bear and let her know about that idea because I think she will be able to help.