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This is what I do. I wake people up. I wake the young people up. And I don't mean I find some college students that want to smoke pot and tell them to vote Ron Paul.

I take liberals and I turn them into damn near anarcho capitalists.

I woke up a socialist economics professor to the point that he emailed me at the beginning of this semester asking for help implementing Murray Rothbard and Free Market principles into his new syllabus.

I tutor at risk youth. 3 years ago I started working with a kid who was in 10th grade but reading at a 6/7th grade level. Every teacher had told him he was bound to fail, I told him he was smarter than the status quo. I never said Ron Paul's name, but I slipped in passages from Ron Paul's speeches and books while we were working on literacy and comprehension. This past fall I got an email from him saying he was in college on a private scholarship and he was studying economics and he wondered if I had heard of this Ron Paul guy because he was campaigning for him (imagine the pride). Every statistic in the world says that kid should be blindly following Obama, but he's not. I'll tell you who else he is not going to blindly follow.... the GOP. Not if they insist Rand is the only option for the libertarians and we have to accept him how he is.

You say the GOP is what I make it? Well, then can't we make it better than Rand?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss