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Comment: Government *USES* god, religion as a tool of control

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Government *USES* god, religion as a tool of control

you are right when you say "god is not the problem".

Take a moment and think about this...

Don't you think people would be more upset with politicians and elites if they didn't believe all those "bad people" were going to be punished by god and sent to hell?

Also, Teaching (some call it brainwashing, conditioning, indoctrinating) little kids to *not question*, but instead to have *faith* in their parents religion and the religious leaders only breeds citizens who ...

don't question things and have faith in their leaders.

These are/were some of the points I was trying to discuss in this thread. Obviously I should have spent more time on it to be more educational and make my point clearer.

But do you understand the points I'm trying to make?

Be religious all you want, you have and SHOULD have that right. I just hope you can see how people in power can and DO take advantage of good people through religion.