Comment: An official IRC?

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An official IRC?

I beleive that many people found the chat a nuisance. On slower computers lacking the ability to block the scripts it was especially painful.

Enough complaining, what next?

My personal choice would be to have an official IRC channel. Something like:


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has stood the test of time as far as chat protocols are concerned; it has been around since 1988! IRC is free, open, and available to almost any device connected to the internet. I am pretty sure that it is the most widely used internet chat system in the world.

There are free providers, such as the sample I proveded above, as well as the ability to relatively easily host your own server. I would recommend to start an official IRC channel on a host like just to try it out. If the free hosting does not meet one's desires then one can always move it to a private server.

What do the rest of you guys think of IRC?