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What he said

Holy Hyo po crat bat man. Except in cases of self defense. Yah thats what I said, when we get to self defence it goes to the laws of the jungle. When the little tickle bears cry for Jesus as their heads are chopped off I go to Jungle law time.
SO stop huffing and puffing. No NeOcOn here for sure. The claim of fear for safety was a lie by GOP polecats. Nothing to do with my point. If your asking how to protect yourself from liars? Well first best is to stay away from them, disengage. In every case I have experienced I have been able to disengage from any liars I have encountered. So because they lied and called for a bunch of thugs in uniform to oust the Liberty gang, in what way do you relate that to my initial diatribe?

Are you telling me that the RP gang was in the GOP's face, the GOP threatened violence, and the RP group still got in the GOP's face, so when the GOP punched the RP group, the RP group deserved it because they could have backed off? Did I get that turned around?