Comment: interesting to see how quickly . . .

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interesting to see how quickly . . .

such a discussion becomes religious.


That's not a condemnation of the OP, by the way--

I am not a bold person, not openly. I am a persistent person.

Some people are compulsive and bold and get dramatic things done. Other people just don't stop, ever, and eventually it gets done.

I was seeing all the 'dramatic' posts, and I was asking my inner Bhuddist-leaning Christian child what was wrong, and then I saw those who came in, who have similar ideas, saying, "but wait, not everyone does it the same; sometimes boldness means you sit, still."


that's what I am saying for now--

Be still and know that I am God . . . is one of my favorites--

(Psalms 46:10)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--