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Critique of Rand's speech


During Rand's 'I'm not a neoconservative' speech, he had some nice (and hyperbolic) things to say about Reagan, which included:

Everybody now loves Ronald Reagan. Even President Obama tries to toady up and vainly try to resemble some Reaganism. Reagan’s foreign policy was robust but also restrained.

Key word: "restrained".

Later on, Rand spoke of Obama's foreign policy:

We did not declare war or authorize force to begin war with Libya. This is a dangerous precedent.

Key word: "precedent".

Obama set a precedent for this type of behavior?

Perhaps we should rewind to 1983 to a tiny caribbean island known as Grenada. This island was part of what Reagan called "The Caribbean Triangle" which contained Grenada, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Read the full critique at EPJ.

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Also see Justin Raimando's tweet, also via EPJ:

Rand Paul Refuses to Take Questions from Reporter

In conference call with reporters, Rand Paul refused to take questions from reporter: cut him off when he spoke.

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Just so we all have our eyes open here.

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