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If the reporter was breaking

If the reporter was breaking the law, then call the goddamned police. He was NOT threatening violence, or any physicality at all. He was asking questions and being a nuisance.

I disagree, completely, that people who "disrupt the peace" should be dealt with "forcefully" if that force is violence. Again, RP supporters were constantly "disturbing the peace" at functions; so long as they aren't being violent or making threats of violence, they don't deserve to be violently treated. Your position is that they should be.

You keep mixing up my position with one in which the old man should be punished. I do NOT believe he should face jail time or a fine or whatever for punching the reporter, because as you mentioned, the reporter was on his private property and didn't leave. My beef with him is with the actions he took, as they were unnecessary.

There are multiple people in this post who've commented that the reporter 'deserved' the punch, or that he 'got what was coming to him.' THAT is the absurdity. People don't "deserve" to get punched, or have any violence against them. Legitimate uses of violence (self-defense) are done, not to dish out a "deserved" punishment, but to protect one's self, family/friends, strangers from the violent actions of the perpetrator. So long as we believe in dishing out violence to "deserving" people as a method of "punishment", rather than as a method of protecting ourselves, our society will be filled with nonsense. If you can't understand that, I pity you.