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"What does it take to have voluntary socialism?"

The following can be completely divorced from me as an individual, and the following can be a stand alone answer to the question asked, and it can be considered as a competitive answer on it's own, or in conjunction with the credit deserved by the author of the words, and it can be considered according to the context of the time it was written.

It was written as a contemporary to Bakunin. Both the author of the following and Bakunin attended the events known as The First International which was a conference for political and economic ideas, or plans, or powers, to meet, and then move onto other things after the meeting. The story goes that both Andrews and Bakunin were thrown out by someone, or some group, for some reason.


Here is the question again:

"What does it take to have voluntary socialism?"

Here is an answer:

"Again, Socialism assumes every shade and variety of opinion respecting the modes of realizing its own aspirations, and, indeed, upon every other point, except one, which, when investigated, will be found to be the paramount rights of the Individual over social institutions, and the consequent demand that all existing social institutions shall be so modified that the Individual shall be in no manner subjected to them."

Now things are different, a lot of water went under a lot of bridges, and a lot of water is polluted, poisonous to man, and a lot of bridges are bombed off their foundations since then, so, things have changed some, since then.

Words like Bad now mean Good.

Blue is now Red.

So the answer in Modern Times to the question is invalid?

"So to me socialism must employ the use of the study to manipulate society into performing the end goal of the study."

If World War III is currently accelerating into the worst hell on earth ever in human history, then it may be a good idea to find common ground among the people who are not as evil as those who profit from those wars, yes or no?

If yes, then it may be a good idea to listen to what roughly half of the worlds population has been led to believe, and in may just be possible to find something amid all the falsehood that does, in fact, remotely resemble the truth, or at least resembling something similar to those falsehood that we too have been led to believe.

I have been wrong too often, so letting that be, is unsettling to me.