Comment: I don't care what he is hiding

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I don't care what he is hiding

He was not vetted. I have to produce more records to get a driver's license than he did to be president. And his FIRST ACT as president was to seal his records. Whatever he is hiding, it is pretty important to him. If it was just for scholarships, he could have paid it back plus a nice "endowment" and all records of the scholarship would have gone away.
There is a document floating the net where his mother indicated he was an Indonesian citizen, or something like that. I don't think there is "a lie" he is covering, I think he is entirely fictional, a chimera created to inspire many cultures to rally behind his call for "CHANGE" without ever asking what kind of change he was talking about. I mean there is a real human and he might even have been named "Barack" at birth, but we just can't really verify anything about him... sort of like a Sandy Hook situation.

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