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I never said that the old

I never said that the old man's actions in the beginning were passive or inviting. I'm saying that the reporter followed him toward the door, then held the door, and the old man turned around and jacked him... THAT IS A SUCKER PUNCH. He wasn't there to fight, he wasn't expecting a fight (regardless of the old mans statements earlier... the reporter obviously didn't break out the fisticuffs stance and prepare for battle). That is a sucker punch. I'm not sure what your Army service would have to do with sucker-punches.

I never said the pen could solve everything. If my home was being broken into, I'd prepare myself for a fight. If my car was being broken into, I'd prepare myself for a fight. If some reporter is asking me questions which I don't care to answer, I'd tell him or her to take a hike. If they followed me to my doorway of my home, I'd walk in and shut the door in their face. If they followed me INTO my home, I'd "escort" them out the door by getting a little physical. At no time, unless they started to shout threats or get physical with me, would I prepare for a fight. If they stayed on my property, I'd call the police.

Technically, intentionally walking across my lawn would be trespassing on my property. If you did that, I would not punch you in the face. Only if you had clear intention of harming my property, or myself, would I resort to physical violence. The fact that you'd break out the fisticuffs or guns at simple trespassing is a reflection of your character, not mine. Girl Scouts selling cookies are technically trespassing. Ron Paul supporters walking up to a door and ringing a bell are technically trespassing (especially if there is a Romney or Obama sign out front).