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I don't know.

"Do you think Jefferson was sent to Paris so he would be out of the country when the Constitution was debated and signed?"

I thought as much, and Thomas Paine wasn't around either, nor was Franklin much of a factor.

I think it is clear as to what was going on during the events in 1787 since those who were there (not Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, Henry?, Mason?, or who know who else wasn't attending) blew the whistle but only after the Gag order was lifted.

Does that sound familiar?


Some of those invited to join in on the secrets (The Dirty Compromise) figured out that it was a usurpation and that was even before the so called Ratification process.

The hypocrisy goes like this:

Liars say this:

The Mob is dangerous and can't be trusted with political power, so we have to step up to the plate and take over.

Liars do this:

The people hired to represent them know that these guys are liars, so what do the liars do, they gain access to The Mob through their power to control the newspapers, and they run a false advertizement campaign known as The Federalist Papers, and they demonize anyone daring to call the liars on their lies, and the liars label those people who are defending against those lies by the name Anti-Federalists.

So the liars bypass the process that worked to defend liberty against the largest army on the planet at the time and they then manipulate the masses through mass media of their Modern Times and in that way they get the power of usurpation realized so that they can then take over completely - Monopoly of every kind possible - specifically taking over The ONE legal money supply.

I can get relevant quotes from that book linked as needed, but this reply may be past due.

More of that which is covered up by lies?