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A Level Playing Field

Joe, I started this before your return from lunch so you will have to bear with me as you put up your and say “wait a minute.” I am sure you will have steam coming out of your ears lol :)
“I hoped that you would see that, and you do see it, and your response is very welcome - necessary in my opinion (if the goal is Liberty).”

Yes, I suppose I am nosey, but I find your conversations interesting even if you are not talking to me. But I could not read all of that Near East Post, it was too long and I was too tired.
“I am almost done with my 3rd reading of the Quotes book and during my reading I'm thinking Wow, there needs to be that unheard voice of the people who do not believe in God (so named).
Then, there is contact made with someone, and then contact made with Bakunin. Bakunin speaks from the voice of those who do not believe in God (so named).”

My honest opinion:
Psalm 14:1 “1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”
In context:

Why would I want to listen to a fool?
How many millions have been murdered trying to achieve economic equality? Purge, Purge, Purge until all that is left are the very lowest and very powerless left so that they cannot rise against their oppressors? Purge, Purge, Purge all those who are deemed to have risen above equality? Economic Equality sounds like a pipe dream and one that has been used for extremely evil purposes. That is what I think.

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Click on the “in situ” and it will take you to the complete thread. I am sorry, I did not think about navigating for you. I had already told you a couple of times that Willl was talking to us, but we were in the middle of talking about Joshua I think, so you may have missed it.

I think in situ has something to do within surrounding or here I am looking it up to be sure:

In situ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Proxy - Highlight
In situ is a Latin phrase that translates literally to 'In position'.

No, I don’t want to be bossy about the word socialism. I just want to use the modern definition

“Socialism refers to an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy.[1] "Social ownership" may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, or citizen ownership of equity.[2] There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them.[3] They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets or planning, how management is to be organised within productive institutions, and the role of the state in constructing socialism.[4]”

The Study of Society is called Sociology.

“Sociology is the scientific study of human society[1] and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions.[2] It is a social science which uses various methods of empirical investigation[3] and critical analysis[4] to develop a body of knowledge about human social activity. For many sociologists the goal is to conduct research which may be applied directly to social policy and welfare, while others focus primarily on refining the theoretical understanding of social processes. Subject matter ranges from the micro level of individual agency and interaction to the macro level of systems and the social structure.[5]”
I have already said before that I think, and I have a right to think my own thoughts as well, that socialism is a hot button word. If you want to talk about voluntary socialism you should use a different word, or include the word voluntary. Those are my thoughtful words. That does not mean you have to think them, but I don’t have to think what you think either.

I also think that since criminals like to use the power by voluntary socialists to achieve their criminal power and them oust them, that it would be a good idea not to use their terminology:

“I've read some of Bakunin's work and I know that Bakunin (like Andrews) was thrown out of the process by which The Communists came to power. So...what does this enemy of communism have to say?”

We discussed the study of society here in this post (I imagine we discussed it a lot of other places too.) Can you do a word search in your post for Study of Society? It comes up 9 times for me. I have comments per page set to the max I believe.

Joe, I finally have the concept down that there are voluntary and involuntary forms. That has been a major improvement for me. But that is because you used the word false socialism and it made me think for myself. Hmmm what does he mean by false socialism. Oh, involuntary socialism. So now that is part of my understanding. But I still think what I think. People do not think of voluntary socialism as far as I know. They think of criminal socialism.

This is also what I think. I think if voluntary socialism gains enough power that it attracts criminals who usurp the power. And like it or not those criminals are able to control the masses just like they did in during the con con. There were people who knew better and spoke out. What good did it do? The criminals are expert at mass mind control. That is what causes “mob” rule. They are trying to do that will gun control right now. We are watching a crime in progress. Democracy is fine. Let us all vote. That is great. But the question is: Who is going to count the votes and for how long until the criminals who perpetrate crime because that is what they do begin their routine?

“How about the information that reports on the stark contrast between the volunteers in the all volunteer armies from each State during The Revolutionary War and the less than "voluntary" armies commanded by the new Dictator in Chief known as Georgie Boy Washington?
All volunteers, all military soldiers, all giving all for the benefit of all, giving up all they have, for everyone, and if they say I've had enough, then they stop paying, and they walk off, because they say so, one way or the other, voluntarily, and as happens, that systematic, non system, works best. “

How many deserters get shot for deserting? Isn’t that the standard treatment? So my premise is that yes an army can be a voluntary collection of power, but look at your quote above. It got usurped? All those people voluntarily collecting their power for the good of each other ended up with : Generalissimo Washington: How He Crushed the Spirit of Liberty. And yes, it is hard for me to let go of the Father of Our Country not being who I have been told he was my whole life. And I am not sure what I think because I am not studied in history so anything anyone tells me can be believed by me because I do not know any better.

I have to say, I had to chuckle reading your reply because it seems we go round and round about this. Please, I want to hear your ideas. Not argue over words. You must have ideas tht you are wanting to share and never are able to get to that point because I am too busy seeing and the list that follows beneath.

What is it that you want to talk about when you say involuntary socialism? Lets talk about this:
“1. Voluntary associations occurring in liberty.”

And I will try to remember that that is what we are talking about. Maybe we should start each comment with those words so my mind remembers what we are talking about instead of seeing red.

After lunch break:
"Again, Socialism assumes every shade and variety of opinion respecting the modes of realizing its own aspirations, and, indeed, upon every other point, except one, which, when investigated, will be found to be the paramount rights of the Individual over social institutions, and the consequent demand that all existing social institutions shall be so modified that the Individual shall be in no manner subjected to them."

I like those words.

I like these words:
“If World War III is currently accelerating into the worst hell on earth ever in human history, then it may be a good idea to find common ground among the people who are not as evil as those who profit from those wars, yes or no?
If yes, then it may be a good idea to listen to what roughly half of the worlds population has been led to believe, and in may just be possible to find something amid all the falsehood that does, in fact, remotely resemble the truth, or at least resembling something similar to those falsehood that we too have been led to believe.”

I like the words here too:

I like words in the Bible the best. These in particular are some good ones spoken by Jesus:

John 13:35 KJV
By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Perhaps love is the only way to achieve individual sovereignty?

If all economic equality means is no subsidies I am good with it. But is there a need to start with a level playing field? How is the playing field leveled while at the same time respecting individual sovereignty? I hear that is why the globalists are building up the 3rd world level the playing field for all.