Comment: I agree with you that in practice,

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I agree with you that in practice,

what the original thread author's intent to discuss "US Corp" UCC, Admiralty, etc. frankly won't matter much, to a bunch of thugs in Fed. gvt and their court system.

My reply wasn't about whether or not by admitting you're a citizen in the ATF form will or will not 'voluntarily' relinquish your rights. Nor, that factually what the thread originator contends is wrong. Most certainly, indeed, when you do admit you're a "citizen" you're binding yourself to the 14th Amendment personhood. But in practical terms, to argue against that, the court thugs will simply jail you and ignore your argument, or at least civilly draw out your lawsuit to the point of irrelevancy via bureaucratic attrition. Remember, they're an institution, we're an individual. When the current batch of govt lawyers move on, the next one simply takes over, to continue to make your life a living hell. Of course, this is not to say that one should be afraid of them, but simply a reality check on the nuisance in having to deal with THEIR system, pretending it has anything to do with justice, or real justice can be achieved via their system.

My specific reply to your Supremacy Clause discussion, is to counter your contention, a rather historically common misconception, that you believe the Supremacy Clause means that the Feds supercede the States: it clearly does not.

No current, reputable Constitutional scholar would say that, nor would anyone who've done their own individual due diligence on the Supremacy Clause, Constitutional history, nor anyone who's read any of the Founders' original writings about it, would ever say that.

The whole 'Supremacy Clause means that the Feds supercede the States' is the sole byproduct of Ante Bellum era statist centralizers, more solidified a few decades later at the beginning of the "Progressive Era" public indoctrination centers, now in its centennial.

Frankly, for all our due-diligence, historically legitimate academic and lawful persistence, we can argue at Federal court system about how they're wrong, but they'll simply declare "contempt of court" and railroad you, every time.

It's like asking a slavemaster to free you, while still inside a cage.

Sure, they have to twist their words all the time to give the semblance of legitimacy of the nonsense of 'consent of the governed.' But, in reality and practice, for anyone who's ever been through the court system in America for anything more serious than a traffic ticket would know, when you enter their court, it's always guaranteed to be a stacked deck.

But seriously, how 'legitimate' can their system be when grown men/women who represent it don Saturnian black drag, daily? 'Cause you know, nothing screams 'grown ups,' more than having to don Halloween polyester Batman capes decked around their necks, for a living, every day? Um, pretty f*cking hilarious!!! No?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul