Comment: For the fat woman on there

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For the fat woman on there

who said that more firearms in more hands would lead to more deaths.

1.) AR15 and similar firearms are illegal there (how Lanza had it legally (as stated on several news shows) is an answer still up for grabs)

2.) Murder is illegal in every place I can think of in the USA

3.) Discharging a firearm in most city limits is illegal.

4.) The shooter did not own any of the firearms he had with him.

5.) The school in Sandy Hook was a gun-free zone. Meaning that *no one* had a gun, with the exception of the shooter.(how many lives did that cost?)

6.) After the dust settled it was found that the so called assault weapon was not even used - so why do you want to ban them?

It seems to me that many laws were broken that day and NONE of them saved the children.

Do you, perhaps, think that there may be something wrong with your thinking and the existing (and proposed) laws???