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I'm calling him a political party basher

I worked for Nader for three campaigns.. know him personally. His birthday is comming up, February 27th.. been to parties for him.

Get this.. he thinks I'm "wonderful". I have a picture of me and Nader, he has his arm around me. He was really dissappointed when I told him I was going to support Ron Paul. He didn't have anything nice to say about Ron until Ron invited him to debate in 08.

Now.. let's get something straight.. I'm not asking you to like or agree with Rand. I do. You are not going to change that. Only I will change that IF I change that. It will be on my terms, not yours. Bash Rand all you like, to your hearts content.. to me all that means is you don't get Rand. I have no problem with that.

Ron has a message. Rand has a mission. I'm on the mission. I LOVE it. Hope you find your mission that you LOVE as much as I LOVE mine.