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The best quickest solution I have found is

A.) Cut out all junk foods and eat raw fruits, veggies, nuts. Avoid meats and try and eat as much raw food as you can for each meal. Your head will be clearer after just two days or so. Don't cut out fat though! Our brain needs healthy fat to function. -Nuts, seeds, avacodos, etc.

B.) Know that your brain is a PERFECT machine. We can train our brains to function well but it starts with knowing there is nothing wrong with you or your brain. Have you seen "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Check it out! It's entertaining and will really help with your situation.

C.) Sweat and exercise each day. Getting your body going is a really quick way to get your head focused and energized.

The meds are really awful though, even "safe" ones like they try and make Strattera out to be.

Good luck.