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I am convinced

I am convinced that corporations were invented by psychopaths so they could do psychopathic things and get away with it....not be held liable for what the psychopathic corporation does..think about it, if a corporation were a person (note, I don't say "human"), it WOULD BE a psychopath - completely devoid of a conscience or remorse, no empathy, no regrets, no moral "check valve".....

Note that I am pro-businees, or should I say pro-small business. As a libertarian I don't like the undue influence of "big" ANYTHING. big corporations, big government, big banks.. Now, back before we had corporations, we had something called "partrnerships", where those who were in the partnership were held liable if the company's actions harmed someone. Also, the company couldn't grow past the point where you couldn't personally supervise and be responsible for the company's actions. If you want to grow bigger than that, then you need to add more partners.

You don't have that these days as the actions of the CEOs are protected by the corporation's it's really messed up...corporations have the legal rights of a human, yet are not held liable as a human would's all backwards..

I say bring back partnerships and get rid of the psychopathic institution of the corporation.


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