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Not easily done

Would take a lot of programming work to achieve, and could likely easily be abused (people ganging up and bullying another). Not a lot of return for me.

Further, it doesn't address my concern of a false flag (or real) terrorist attack being planned in an unmoderated chat. The last thing I want to hear on the news is, "The massacre was planned in the chatroom of the Daily Paul, a radical, libertarian, pro gun website..."

I know this is on very few people's radar, but it is on mine, as it has to be.

I realize there are people who use it and like it, but the question for me is: Must the DP be all things to all people? There is a limit to how much I can provide. Like the Federal Government, my resources (time and mental energy) have to be spent more wisely.

Maybe one of the dedicated chatters can start their own chat forum - they can have all the fun, and all the headaches.

At this point, they have all the fun, and I have all the headaches.