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Pardon me while I mix thread topics...

But I want to point out what has been done to your psyche. You just typed the words "I have ADD but I cope fine now."
You eyes and your fingers reinforce each other as they reinforce your brain... "I have attention deficit DISORDER... but I cope fine now."

What would it take for you to type "I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder but I am cured now," I wonder. What would it do at a very subtle level, to have your brain watch your fingers type "I am cured" instead of having your fingers tell your brain "I have a disorder" and then...
What did you do that was "disorderly?" Did you irritate a grown up? Did you get restless sitting around indoctrination camp? Maybe this is the best question I can ask you... have you seen this?

I give you permission to be healed. I hope that helps.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.