Comment: Not all corporations are

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Not all corporations are

Not all corporations are equal.

Whole Foods is much much much different than Monsanto or Goldman Sachs

When a corporation becomes a problem is when they use the apparatus of force aka the state to gain a monopolistic advantage.

Whole Foods is a great corporation that truly brings a service to the people at competitive prices, otherwise people wouldn't be there. Other corporations feed off of the governments tit and milk the taxpayers in order to make a profit. There is a big difference between the two.

I don't think any libertarians, who accept the view that corporations who do not use the state are great for the economy, believe in corporate interests aka facism running the economy.

This leads us to the whole idea of money, power, and politics. In order to fix the corporatist problem, we have to stop dishing out money then so much money won't be spent fighting for the pie. Shrink the pie not switch special interests every 8 years.