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Do you believe that the majority of people
A. Want to cheat, steal, hurt, kill you?
B. That most people start from a baseline of good will, and mutually beneficial voluntary exchanges of goods and services?

From your assertions that the only outcome in society with out the state as a coercive monopolist of force and theft, is that somehow the state will recreate itself. That no one will oppose your mafia.

This is merely spreading the Hobbesian view of human nature, there are no good people in the world, and good behaviour can only be enforced by the gun of the state.

BS there are self reinforcing behaviours in a voluntary society. The main one being ostracism or exile. You are a bad actor and no one will deal with you. And if you obdurately persist in your wickedness then someone will use self defensive force and cap your ass.

People who believe in the state want to farm out evil to some faceless minion.

That is what is the logical conclusion to a belief in the state.