Comment: She/he says in the DP thread you post:

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She/he says in the DP thread you post:

sunshine05 said:

"I don't think Nancy or Adam existed at all. They aren't in People Finders. I know that people say there are mistakes there all the time but I just don't think they existed. It is my gut feeling."

People Finder is not a definitive source for your existence. Birth records are. He/she bases it on a "gut feeling."

Next is "the whole thing is a hoax" and no one died, which is rightfully repulsive to the public. You CANNOT say something like that to a family that lost a child based on a "gut feeling." You CANNOT repeat this based on what this person said and maintain any credibility.

We have either uncovered an agent, an imbecile, or a very sick person. This is who they are trying to associate anyone who does not swallow the official story with. It is a campaign to demonize ALL questioners, as Max Igan says. We MUST get smarter than them, and fast.

Release the Sandy Hook video.