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I couldn't agree more AnCap

I understood what you were referring to in your earlier reply and I apologize for the confusion. Sadly, the "justice" system we currently have is nothing more than a circus, owned & controlled by the elite - and does as you say, have everything stacked against us. For example; just look at the BS show that happened with Obamacare. Another recent example is what happened in the courts regarding the NDAA. Can you say "Bought & paid for"?

It's a noble and just cause to stand your ground, be it on principle and the Constitution, specifically when the law is right there in black and white. But UNTIL this nation unites and fights back, those "rights" that we supposedly have "protected by law", will in fact continue to be stripped, and made a mockery of by our "justice" system - even when it's Sooo obviously clear that it's a corrupt system. Until things "change dramatically" in this country, I'm afraid that the Federal government will always win through our corrupt "justice" system. The "justice" system has turned into nothing more than the PR puppet of this tyrannical government in order to fool the American people that "justice" has indeed been served and that the government is "fair & just" in its actions. The "justice" system seems to follow law when it's convenient for those in power within the government, and chooses to ignore law when not. We'll see how long before this country "gets it", says "enough", and boils over.

Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to type out the word "justice" without the quotes, when putting it next to the word "system". It's ironic, contradictory, and laughable - but mostly it just plain disgusts me to actually call THAT system "justice".