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Very Careful diet

To get off the 666 system, avoid corporate food. Choose Organic greens& vegetables; organic meat & eggs (brainfood). At least 1 (maybe 2 for you) Tablespoon of organic coconut oil/day (hate to say, best price is at walmart). Keep gallon glass jars and purchase filtered water. No plastic bisphenol A. They have those Voss glass water bottles with carrying cases. Starbuck's dirty secret - plastic lined paper cups - great. Imagine what happens when they add hot coffee- nice dose of a bioweapon. Also - all cans are lined with the same. Replace minerals w concentrace tablets. Think of this as an investment in y-o-u, your health and as an insurance policy against all the undesirable effects. You should notice a drastic difference. At least give it your all out best. Through out the day, "Thank God for keeping you focused today". I predict you will keep you job! God bless