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Technically I misspoke, I was

Technically I misspoke, I was never actually diagnosed by a doctor for ADD. I don't go to doctors. A couple teachers told my mom to "get me checked out" and she just got pissed. Ha :) They got to her with my younger brother though, he ended up on Ritalin for a while, but is off now.

I should have said "I have had a whole lot of problems concentrating on things most people could concentrate on, school was way too boring and I only did well in classes I really liked, but have since found ways to deal with it and focus." ADD is easier to say, but I get what you are saying for sure. I'd say I'm cured, but if I go back to the "standard" way of doing things I'll have the same problems I did.

Great video, I always try to get my mind out of the, uh, traps, I guess, that people get into. Always great to have a reminder.

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