Comment: If our presidents are being sworn into the office of

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If our presidents are being sworn into the office of

President of the United States of America "The Corporation" and not into the office of President of the United States of America "The Country" that would be a revelation of epic proportions.

I've researched the Corporation of the United States and for sure it exsists. But finding reliable information and/or any convincing evidence to substantiate such an incredible claim has been impossible for me to locate.

Quite a few Patriot Groups and Freeman type websites put forward a hypothesis that early in the 20th century...(somewhere around 1917) a mirror image of our country and all her official documents were created for the corporation of the United States. All offices and officers of America "the country" were vacated and America the country...along with the original constitution was somehow relagated to a dormant status based on the fact that all elected offices, positions, and posts had been vacated. (The elected officials and other government employees knowingly or unknowingly moved into the exact same position, doing the exact same job, in the exact same location, etc)

One thing that always disturbs me is how just about every politician and every public official always refer to the United States as a Democracy when its very clear in the Constitution that America is a constitutional republic. But the corporation of the US could be refered to as a democratic institution and the often heard phrase that we are spreading democracy around the globe would then make sense because what our aggressive wars are really doing is spreading democratic multi-national corporations around the world in areas where there are resources those corporations covet.

One thing is for sure, everyone skoffs at the possibility that something so unbelieveable could actually have taken place, that regardless of where or when I mention it, I immediately get a handful of tinfoil hats hurled my way. I'm personally not inclined to believe this is true but its frustrating that I can't prove one way or the other.

Has anyone else done any research on this radical explaination?

Again, I'm not proposing that there is any validity to the claims being made. I'm just mentioning it because there is so much that just doesn't make sense and considering all I have learned about false flags, The Federal Reserve, The State of Israel, etc...nothing would shock me anymore.