Comment: you need to eat alot of raw

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you need to eat alot of raw

you need to eat alot of raw fruits and vegetables potatoes pasta rice corn beans bread.. With little to no added oils.. You're adhd that you got labeled with like I did will reveal itself for just being passionate about things that don't have to do with school bullshit and repetitive jobs that suck. You're energy and focus will improve.

I was labeled with this stuff and for a decade and a half regularlry was on and off stimulants. It was terrible it screws with your health its AWEFUL If i coudl go back i would run so far away from those drugs you have NO CLUE.

I remember going onstraterra and I felt like crap. No i've overcome my "learning disability" by sucking it up focusing and practicing a diet that is high in fruits vegetables starches low oils and little to no dairy or meat. Even though i like some chicken here and there :P.

RUN AWAY FROM THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!