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"You should do this more often"

I know I should. It is frustrating around here for me sometimes because I really do like some of the more serious threads and I actually have a lot to say. I just refuse to jump in only to have inflammatory belligerent remarks hurled at me in all caps. That is why I waited for this to cool down a bit. The testosterone around here really can be overwhelming for me at times.

You say “I'm refining arguments meant for Republicans to help influence their thinking or defend my own.”
Know what you’re against. Know your enemy (I understand you probably don’t see them as enemies per se but the same premise).

You say “That's what these people, and maybe you, are doing right now.”
I’ll say this much. You will never find me campaigning AGAINST him, I just want more options.

You say: “I'm just saying that I don't know much at all about the NWO and I'm not 100% sure they even exist. If they do exist, I want some addresses.”
Lol. That’s cool, I am convinced they do exist, but it’s not as easy as looking them up in the phone book 

You: “I don't care if you don't agree with everything he does, that's fine”
To be honest there is one issue that will remain nameless because I hate arguing it that I could not get behind Ron on. It’s not a huge voting issue for me so I ignored it. I’ll give you that I agree with Rand more than Rubio, Christie, or fill in the blank, but I am so ready to change the game completely.

You: “Walk two moons in Rand Paul's moccasins” lol, I like that expression. I get what you’re saying here. I don’t think he is the scum of the earth or anything, I just have this problem and I don’t know if you will understand it or not. I’m sick of establishment. I never thought much about who I would throw my political support behind after 2012, I just can’t stomach the idea of working my ass off so long for change only to accept the establishment. It’s that I don’t want the GOP to pick a candidate for me and tell me that’s who any good little libertarian would vote for. I also hate the “he’s playing the game” thing. I know it’s a dirty game but I’m sick of the fucking game.

You: “These people are the extremists of an extremist movement”
The thing I love about extremists is that they don’t back down. I can’t help it, but I find it to be admirable. Like I said I get called an extremist everyday at school, what they mean is "why the hell won't you back down?" It's the same reason I love the anarchists. I am not an anarchist (but I could survive just fine in anarchy) I just love their passion and the fact that they don't give up.

You: “The answer is, because those are the names on the ballot.” Can’t we change that and add some new names to the ballot? Is that impossible?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss