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Comment: WTH Rational Morality is not needed

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WTH Rational Morality is not needed

In a society of self interested economic actors there is no need for any adoption of some mind set, only the following of your self interest.

>>>Natural rights come not from god or nature, but from reason. BS,
I own myself. That is where rights come from, property.

People that aggress against others soon find that it is their self interest to behave in a moral and ethical manner. This is called emergent behaviour. The other actors in the society reinforce those behaviours.

No good utopian man of the future (scorn) is needed. The problem is the belief that some people can behave better than the everyone else, and the deluded ones give them power to perform their evil.

Humans act to maximize their comfort. If they behave badly then other people acting in self defence will give them increasing levels of discomfort. The bad actors will either reform their behaviour or pass from this vale of tears.

PS I guess you believe in a prime axiom of marksmanship that a moving target is harder to hit. You keep changing the subject with no acknowledgement of my arguments.