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Its just like a video game!

The PRINCE said so!
My daughter is an attorney. No dummy, well educated. She cannot cope with the idea of preparing against an economic collapse. But she and her ex-military husband actually have a "Zombie Apocalypse" plan. At first I thought it was funny, maybe their way of easing into serious disaster preparedness... but no. They are so afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse they cannot cope with the real threats in this world. And she has lost her moral compass, she is so emotionally numb it is a little scary. Her husband has serious problems that they won't deal with, and I think he about has her brainwashed.
When my father in law died, she sent my husband an email. When I called her about my nephew's wife, I got a machine and said "There's been a tragedy in the family, please call me right back." She never called, my husband had to call her back the next day. Once she found out... she sent my sister an email...
I don't know, maybe it is me, but that just seems like it is bordering on a total lack of human compassion. email - to your family when they lose someone they love? Is that really the social norm now?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.