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There's some chicken thighs in the regular grocery store where I

live - organic. Too bad Whold Foods is adding something to their "organic" ground beef. The chicken thighs are great with organic sweet potatoes. Or with brown rice. Organic eggs - you can have 6 a day according to Dr. Wallich ( I love him - check him out on youtube!) and that great bread, expensive but has none of that bromine that kills the thyroid - called Ezekiel. You can keep that in the freezer -it has live sprouts or something. Maybe you can get on that quality whey protien - Whey Factors. The chocolate in the blender with a frozen banana's great. I add a small dash of stevia. Use ice water peel and freeze your bananas. If you like it frozen you can put your blender top (if glass) in the freezer. Use the lowest gear possible and shut it off when it stops "rattleing" I add wheat germ for E and ground flax. Some people don't like the flax. The whey- a good way to store food in case of an emergency. Happy eating! I don't know about packing lunch - turkey from the deli that's (not the brine'd)roasted on bread with bananas perhaps. I doubt they've figured out how to GM/toxic spray bananas yet. Don't worry though BIll Gates is working on using bananas as a vaccine. That reminds me - Turkey! There was a program Alex Jone's recently about seratonin reuptake inhibiters and how the perfect food for like Adam what was his name the supposed shooter - the perfect food would have been turkey. I'll look for that.