Comment: Don't hate on all wordpress blogs

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Don't hate on all wordpress blogs

I created one for free because I got tired of emailing 100+ people everyday trying to wake them up. They now all know they can go to my blog if they want to read my posts and ramblings. And I also intentionally created mine so that it does not give out my personal information (at least not without some effort) because a lot of the things I post likely fit into the very broad catagory of promoting subversive and anti-government propaganda.

BTW - I love Max Igan. I check his site almost daily for new podcasts to listen to at night. I typically check Max, Allan Watts, The Corbett Report, and the daily 3 hour show from whatreallyhappened. My wife and I don't watch TV and we really have enjoyed the routine of me queing up several hours of podcasts each night that we listen to in bed when we used to watch TV before going to sleep.

But I do agree with your point. Like many, I still have a lot of unanswered questions about sandy hook but it started getting out of hand on alt websites in my view. Plus I still feel like 9/11 is key to waking the masses.