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What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is the pain comes from

1. resources which are said to be personel monitoring behavior. But the thing is nobody ever deals with it. I think recently some guy who came said he was going to "report someone" and this was just a day or two ago. So I'm guessing that is what all this is about. Just a guess

Micheal always tries to deal with problems. He was helpful when we needed him months ago. But honestly... There is rarely ever anyone here monitoring chat and rarely is one even needed. If I am correct in my guess, someone probably went whining to you Micheal because his feelings were hurt when he/she could have blocked the person who was bothering him. ITS CALLED BLOCK PEOPLE I USE IT AND IT WORKS

In rare cases does someone ever need to be banned. Very rare. Micheal is thoughtful so he is probably dealing with squabble and Micheal feels like he needs to settle some issue. You probably be better off ignoring it. or..

Leave it to give someone who cares about and uses chat a little authority. And if that creates problems later then OK, I think its time to consider what the homeless guy said. "smaash smaash SUUHH MAASHHH."

Also addressing that he doesn't like chat. I can understand that. It makes for a better website in my opinion though.

And the 3rd reason... Oh man, I was thinking hopefully he was kidding. Trust me Micheal! Your Daily Paul chatters are not plotting the next terrorist false flag!