Comment: Uhhh ... ya got a problem with your logic.

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Uhhh ... ya got a problem with your logic.

"A fraudulent company ... defrauded a customer ... insurance company that covers detective work ... no success ... no money to check if his insurance company or the detectives actually did their job or just pocketed money ... no hope that the same wont happen again and again."

Today, such insurance companies are regulated by the state. The police are employed by the state. The investigators (who you say won't investigate) work for the state or are licensed by the state. The place where Mr. Smith might be able to achieve compensation (but you say he can't) -- the courts -- are employees of the state. The people who could stop it from happening again and again (but won't, according to you) -- the district attorneys and the insurance regulators -- are employees of the state.

How exactly is this proof that a free market might not work better?