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is a variation of the amino acid pyroglutamate, which is also a nootropic. You could probably buy some pyroglutamic acid for an exuberant price at a health food store if you want all natural.

Piracetam FAQ

When I am having difficulty working out a problem or need focus I take about 2.4 grams. In about 40 minutes the haziness goes away. I have also found vinpocetine to be of value, stacked with piracetam, at 5 mg. Vinpocetine is found in periwinkle. People over 200# might want to take 10 mg.

My old boss used to take my piracetam (literally help himself), I got an old assistant on it, and have never seen nor read of ANY toxicity whatsoever.

There are other 'racetams, none of which I care too much for. Piracetam is cheap and well tolerated (except by phizer of course) and I like the fact that it's not a stimulant but yields focus and aids in creativity. I buy it by the kg.

I highly recommend it so long as all the other bases are covered and I would never take strattera. If a gun was held to my head to take straterra or @MP I would take the @MP. But you don't have a gun to your head. That straterra stuff is garbage. If it helped you, you may want to examine the pharmacokinetics (sic) the drug has and find some way to help. I think (don't quote me) straterra is a NERI, which is bad news, but maybe there are foods that do something similar.

Nor-Epinephrine (fight or flight) is not my friend. In my case I flight. Anything that inhibits the reuptake or stimulates norepinephrine makes me feel nervous and actually makes me less cognizant. I also can't stand any re-uptake inhibitors.

So, piracetam is a more natural "non cure" for ADD, not totally natural, although it could easily occur somewhere in nature as pyroglutamate's cousin, yet to be found. But the company that markets Nootropil doesn't like the powder being hawked as the pills are expensive and powder is dirt cheap. I would definitely try it before going back on straterra.

And I definitely hope you will read up on nootropics and toss those pills in the trash where they belong. Straterra doesn't have much history yet. I know I couldn't take the stuff. I'd rather be a bumbling moron.

I also echo people's responses for meditation as well.