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Michael if you do decide to

Michael if you do decide to terminate the chat some of us were hoping you could give us two weeks notice to regroup and to give the government a chance to find a new forum for their next false flag operation, so that federal funds are not needlessly wasted.

No but in all seriousness we appreciate the forum you have provided, and many of us would be willing to donate to keep the chat up. If you do decide to phase out the chat, most of us would like a chance to determine an alternative place to chat.

Naturally, the majority of people who use the forums don't value the chat. Just as the majority of people who read the posts but don't post themselves or get lost in endlessly narrowing reply tunnels, don't value the forums. The question is an invitation to confirmation bias. The people who chat value chat, the people who post value the forums, the people who readvalue the front page.