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I took it for a while

and hated it. It changed my personality completely. The shrink then tried giving me adderall and ritallin didn't change my personality much but it gave me really bad drymouth and I always felt a little to awake. I recently found out that I have very severe sleep apnea and the sleep doctor said that bad sleep can give you add like symptoms. He said even though you are tired your brain goes a mile a minute and you can have a hard time falling asleep which is why I never thought sleep was a problem. I always have a hard time waking up but once I'm up I'm ready to go. I go to the gym I went to school.

I really think that ADD is misdiagnosed quite often and it is the result of other things. In my case I believe sleep apnea is the culprit. With others it could be nutrition. My memory is also really bad apparently this can all be related to the sleep apnea.

I say you ask someone to watch you sleep and see if they notice that you stop breathing. If they do I would recommend a sleep study if you do have sleep apnea it is probably the culprit of you supposed ADD. Psychiatrist are always quick to prescribe drugs with out looking for underlying factors.

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