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The issue for me is where

The issue for me is where does the weight gain occur.

I will firmly say from my experience with dieting and my knowledge from my research that I have done and my education that carbohydrates do not make you fat at all.

It is the process by which highly concentrated sugars absent of the nutrition that would regularly accompany them in the foods they are extracted from..( such as sugar cane) cause a insulin spike that would not naturally occur with whole foods, that causes the body to utilize the fatty acids and amino acids from the foods you eat with it for fat storage.

You do not get fat from the syrup! you get fat from the fat in the food!!

The concentrated and refined (white) sugars inspires your body to absorb and retain more fat than you normally would otherwise.

On top of this, just in general, it is eating excess fat and protein that cause weight gain. The proper carbohydrate, fat, protein ratio in our diets is 80,10,10 respectively.