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Ayn Rand ...

... categorized philosophy into 5 branches:

Metaphysics - reality (everything that exists)
Epistemology - knowledge (how we identify what is true)
Ethics - what we *should* do, based on the truth about reality
Politics - how society should be structured, based on what is valid ethics
Aesthetics - artful representation of what could be

The idea of politics as "how society should be structured, BASED ON WHAT IS VALID ETHICS" is the single biggest failure of modern politics. The morality of something is hardly ever discussed.

It is the big dividing line between individualists and collectivists. Individualists start with ethics and then arrive at political solutions based on ethics. Collectivists try to arrive at political solutions based on a fuzzy non-ethics sort of ideology where collectivism is a goal unto itself.

What do you think of that analysis?